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(Object Oriented Programming )Oops is a Concept where we mainly focus on by whom the work is getting done. Oops is a programming models which has certain rules and regulation. It is Based on the Concept of “Objects” which can contains Data and Code.

Many of the Programming Model support Oops Concept such as Python, C++, Java, etc.

Objects: Object is a discrete entity which has well define attributes and Behavior. Whenever we declare variable it represents attributes or whenever we declare function it represent function.

Class: Object with common attributes and behavior are grouped together in a logical unit that are class. Object is instance of class.

Generalization: Classes having common attributes and behaviour are grouped together in a logical unit. Process of this is called as Generalization.

Polymorphism: Polymorphism is to do the same task in multiple ways. That is one interface with multiple implementation. Overloading is the best example of Polymorphism.

Encapsulation: It is also called as data hiding. In this data and code are bind together in a single unit.

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