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Let us Discuss How we can Handle Deadlock in Java. When we achieve multitasking in Java Application, we have to face a problem due to Asynchronous of the process.

Deadlock in Java

Asynchronous : When a Operating system or Program then it share a common source by the multiple user then the process become deadlock. Deadlock is a situation where a process of program goes into infinite loop. The reason behind this is Asynchronous.

Deadlock describe a situation where two or more threads are block forever, waiting for each other deadlock occur when multiple thread need the same lock/monitor but obtain them in different order. In Java multithreading program may suffer from the deadlock condition because the synchronous keyword.

For overcome Asynchronous to Synchronous provide two Approach :

  1. Mutual Exclusive
  2. Inter-Thread Communication

Mutual Exclusive: In Mutual Exclusive one or more than one resource non-shareable hold and wait. A process is holding at least one resource and waiting for resource.

Lock: Lock is a method or process where a thread synchronization mechanism can be implements by default every method of class have a lock.

There are three ways to achieve lock of a specific method of a class:

  1. Synchronized Method
  2. Synchronized Block
  3. static Synchronized method

Synchronized Method : It is a simple method associate with synchronized keyword. It is used to achieve the lock for Individual thread or client.


modifier synchronized return type methodName(arguments if any)



Synchronized Block : It is used to achieve lock of a specific statement or part within a method. It scope is less that synchronized method.





Inter Thread Communication : It is a also called as Co-operation in this process one thread can be communicate with each other by following three methods:

  1. wait()
  2. notify()
  3. notifyAll()

wait(): It is used to suspend the current thread until notify or notifyAll method is not invoke.

Notify() / NotifyAll() : It is used for active the thread which are suspended by wait method.

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