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C language is Mother of All Programming Language. It is one of the most Popular Programming Language. C Programming Popular by its simplicity, structured and High level.

Initially C was best compatible with UNIX operating system, or we can say that it is developed for UNIX programming but now these days its compiler available almost all operating system.

Evolution of C Language

  • In 1960 International Organization develop a Programming Language Algorithm to facilate programmers for developing application more efficiently.
  • In 1967 Martin Richards develop a new Programming Language, BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language) with the help of Algorithm.
  • In 1970 Ken Thompson develop a new Programming Language and called Simply B.
  • In 1972 Dennis Ritchie develop a new Programming Language called c using the concept of Algorithm, BCPL and B.

First Programming in C?

#include <stdio.h>

void main()


printf(“Hellow World”);


The above code details:

#include —-> Preprocessor

<stdio.h> –> Header title

void main() { printf(“Hellow world”); } —> Function block

Now lets test the above code in C Editor.

Open the c and write the above program on the editor. save the file with any name with an extension “.c” . After saving

the file compile the program. After compilation, now run the Program.

You will the get Output as : Hellow World

Common points related to C Programming :-

  • Every Program in c must have a main function, and its must be only one.
  • During the compilation compiler will check the program from top to bottom and produce syntax error if it is found.
  • During the execution, program will execute from main function, every program must be terminated fo the main function.
  • Every function should have a functionality that is write the functionality in the pair of curly brackets called function block.
  • C provide in no. of library function which can be used in the programming, but before using it we must include related header files. Header files contain definition of related function.
  • Preprocessor indicates the statement which is executed before the program execution.
  • Return type means a data type of value returned by the function. In C return type is void by default.
  • Every statements of c must be terminated by the semi column.
  • C is case sensitive programming language.

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